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Maskulinist.no is a website for discussion of men’s experience and for developing a new men’s perspective on contemporary western society. Ultimately, improved gender relations is what we would like to see, and what we aim at.

jordenWe believe it is necessary to explore and re-examine men’s own position. We should acknowledge possible discrimination/oppression of men as well as identify areas of unjustified male superiority. In Scandinavia today men’s identity as gender is «muddled». We tend to be seen as a negative contrast to you-know-who. Suggestions for a new identity abound, but mostly on features traditionally seen as female. Certainty is sparse.

Is maskulinist.no a ”Men’s rights” initiative? Not exactly. Men’s rights, and in general the term rights, typically refers to government-granted rights and benefits. We, however, would just as much like to see reduced state interference between the genders, as we would like to see increased activity beneficial to men. One example would be men’s position towards children. In this area we claim that oppression of men prevails, and perhaps this can be quite satisfactory alleviated just by abolishing present law and law enforcement detrimental to men. Law specifically supporting men may not be necessary.

We believe “inter-gender energy” is a rich and manifold source of activity as well as a source of meaning. The state, on the other hand, is tragically sexless. Perhaps men and women would be better off dealing with each other directly, also as groups (analogous to interest groups) in society, rather than depending on zealous government staging? Anyone – or any two – holding a precious source of energy should beware of exploiters. This, however, may be a particularly Scandinavian anxiety, as a far-reaching state is found in those countries.

Gender dialogue requires both genders having a voice. And behind a voice we need thinking and, of course, emotions– awareness and insight into emotions. In maskulinist.no we endeavour to contribute to the articulation of men’s experience and views, and to develop a men’s thinking and perspective on society.

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  1. Dear Aril,

    We saw a TV program in the Russian Channel One where you has said about gender discrimionation in Scandinavia.

    We know that the problem is related to entire «civilized» world, Russia is no exceptiom.

    We encourage you to visit our website http://igorsilver.wix.com/otkom to familiarize yourself with how the Russian men see that problem and how they fight for gender equality.

    Hope we could work together for our common aim – restoring gender equality in our societies.

    Russia’s Fathers’ Committee («Otkom» in the Russian language) was founded in June 2010 as a citizens movement standing for fathers’ parenting/custodial rights and children’s rights to be raised in a full family.
    We see our task in providing public control over the state officials and legal bodies in an area of obeying Russian Constitution and Family Code, that guarantee equal parental rights which are systematically violated by the authorities.

    Best regards,


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