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Maskulinist.no is a web­si­te for discus­sion of men’s expe­ri­en­ce and for devel­o­ping a new men’s per­s­pec­ti­ve on con­tem­po­ra­ry western socie­ty. Ultimately, improved gen­der rela­tions is what we would like to see, and what we aim at.

jordenWe belie­ve it is neces­sa­ry to explo­re and re-exa­mi­ne men’s own position. We should ack­now­led­ge pos­sib­le discrimination/oppression of men as well as iden­ti­fy areas of unjus­ti­fied male supe­riority. In Scandinavia today men’s iden­tity as gen­der is “mudd­led”. We tend to be seen as a neg­a­ti­ve con­trast to you-know-who. Suggestions for a new iden­tity abound, but most­ly on featu­res tra­ditio­nal­ly seen as female. Certainty is spar­se.

Is maskulinist.no a ”Men’s rights” ini­tia­ti­ve? Not exact­ly. Men’s rights, and in gene­ral the term rights, typi­cal­ly refers to govern­ment-gran­ted rights and bene­fits. We, how­e­ver, would just as much like to see redu­ced sta­te inter­fe­ren­ce betwe­en the gen­ders, as we would like to see increased acti­vity bene­fi­ci­al to men. One examp­le would be men’s position towards child­ren. In this area we claim that oppres­sion of men pre­vails, and per­haps this can be qui­te satis­factory alle­via­ted just by abo­lish­ing pre­sent law and law enfor­ce­ment detri­men­tal to men. Law spec­i­fi­cal­ly sup­por­ting men may not be neces­sa­ry.

We belie­ve “inter-gen­der energy” is a rich and mani­fold source of acti­vity as well as a source of meaning. The sta­te, on the other hand, is tra­gical­ly sex­less. Perhaps men and women would be bet­ter off dea­ling with each other direct­ly, also as groups (ana­lo­gous to inte­rest groups) in socie­ty, rat­her than depen­ding on zea­lous govern­ment sta­ging? Anyone — or any two — hol­ding a precious source of energy should bew­a­re of exploi­ters. This, how­e­ver, may be a par­ti­cu­lar­ly Scandinavian anxi­ety, as a far-reaching sta­te is found in those countries.

Gender dia­lo­gue requi­res both gen­ders having a voi­ce. And behind a voi­ce we need thin­king and, of cour­se, emo­tions- awa­re­ness and insight into emo­tions. In maskulinist.no we ende­a­vour to con­tri­bute to the arti­cu­la­tion of men’s expe­ri­en­ce and views, and to develop a men’s thin­king and per­s­pec­ti­ve on socie­ty.

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  1. Dear Aril,

    We saw a TV pro­gram in the Russian Channel One whe­re you has said about gen­der discri­mio­na­tion in Scandinavia.

    We know that the pro­blem is related to enti­re “civi­lized” world, Russia is no excepti­om.

    We encoura­ge you to visit our web­si­te http://igorsilver.wix.com/otkom to fami­lia­rize yours­elf with how the Russian men see that pro­blem and how they fight for gen­der equa­li­ty.

    Hope we could work together for our com­mon aim — rest­o­ring gen­der equa­li­ty in our socie­ties.

    Russia’s Fathers’ Committee (“Otkom” in the Russian lan­gua­ge) was foun­ded in June 2010 as a citizens move­ment stan­ding for fat­hers’ parenting/custodial rights and children’s rights to be raised in a full fami­ly.
    We see our task in pro­vi­ding pub­lic con­trol over the sta­te offi­ci­als and legal bodies in an area of obey­ing Russian Constitution and Family Code, that gua­rantee equal paren­tal rights which are sys­te­ma­ti­cal­ly vio­la­ted by the aut­hori­ties.

    Best regards,


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